Significance Of Silicon Wristbands As Awareness Accessory

For today’s fashion conscious young generations, accessories are the vital part of making a fashion statement. Previous generations’ hot favorite junk jewelries are passe; this is the age of innovative accessories, and the focus is not on their prices as such but on their wearabilty.

The silicon wristbands meet all these criteria of the fashion sensibilities of the young generation. So it is no wonder to find the ubiquitous presence of silicon wristbands these days.

But it will be utterly wrong to judge this craze for silicon wristbands from the point of view of fashion only. The very origin of silicon wristbands involves the spirit of philanthropy-the world famous cyclist lance Armstrong pioneered the concept to build up a fund to support the ailing cancer patients. From its original identity of yellow rubber band, the wristbands have come a long way in the path of evolution and today they have become multicolored and customized.

But one thing has remained unchanged and that is the underlying spirit of supporting the humanitarian causes. So when the young people build up the stock of their silicon wristbands, they do not merely act out of their craze for the latest fashion trends. In most of the cases they are guided by the cause as well. It is their way of showing awareness and sense of belonging to the society. The proceeds from the sell of the wristbands are contributed to specific funds and it is the fashionable aspect of the wristbands that helps in boosting up their sell.

Take the example of pink breast cancer awareness bracelets that have become hugely popular among the young women across the continent. These wristbands on the one hand help build up consensus among the women for regular endometrial tests for quick detection, on the other hand they induce people to donate funds for enhancing further awareness. In addition to breast cancer, the silicon wristbands in multiple colors are meant to show support for different types of cancer.

Not only cancer, the wristbands are hugely used to promote awareness about other diseases as well. Major among them are HIV/AIDS and heart disease. A red awareness band is worn on the wrist to promote AIDS awareness. All these wristbands actually convey the message to the patients suffering from these deadly diseases that there are millions of people out there who extend to them mental support in their battle against the disease.

Silicon wristbands are fashionable, they are durable and hygienic too and so more and more people are turning to them as the fuss-free 24X7 accessory. But their real significance lies in their philanthropic approach. Even in this highly consumerist world, these simple bands have been able to prove an important point and that is: common people are always willing to do something for their fellow human beings in their small ways.

Silicon Wristbands – Crack The Color Code

Detection of cancer can end the career of any athlete. But contrary may happen if the person is empowered with iron determination and this was precisely what happened with the celebrated cyclist Lance Armstrong. The diagnosis of cancer could not kill his spirit; he vowed to return to the track despite the terminating disease and he did so with a bang when he won the title of Tour de France cycling tournament.

This great sportsman and wonderful human being started the Armstrong Foundation with an aim to spread positive attitude towards fighting cancer. He first pioneered the idea of combining philanthropy with fashion and designed the celebrated yellow bracelet with the slogan “Livestrong” written on it.

The first lot of the bracelets flew off the shelf in no time and still a rage with the youth of the world. This huge success of these bands represented Armstrong’s passionate fight against the deadly disease and sparked off the trend where other charitable and other social institutions are successfully using silicone bracelets to promote their own causes.

Armstrong’s yellow bracelet has evolved a lot. Today the silicon bracelets are one of the hottest fashion accessories. They are inexpensive, yet attractive and durable. In fact, the silicon bracelets have become a must have accessory for the young generation who want to don a cool look. Now, these bands come in myriad colors starting from red to bright yellow, pink, orange, blue and purple and many others. Different colors usually represent different causes. Let’s discuss about the significance of different colors in wristbands.

Black and White: To start with the most basic color, these wristbands are relatively new in the family of wristbands. They signify fighting against racism that seems to be on rise in the post 9/11 world. The black and white on the band represents the co-existence human beings belonging to different races.

Red: They support the AIDS research and AIDS victims. They also signify support for the cause of mothers against drunk driving and anti child abuse.

Pink: These bands famously build up awareness about breast cancer.

Purple: Animal lovers flaunt these wristbands. The proceeds from the sell of these bands are used to raise funds to end cruelty against animals.

Orange: These bands are worn to support campaign for no-smoking. They are meant to provide moral support and encouragement for them going through the quitting process.

Green Bands: These are the weapons in the hands of the environmentalists. The activists engaged in the movement for preservation of Rainforest also flaunt them. It is also used by Tsunami Relief Groups.

The silicon wrist bands come in many more colors as light blue, white and rainbow to name a few. Flaunting a precious jewelry, you can make great fashion statement, but by flaunting a silicon wristband you can rise above clich, for it speaks of your social awareness.

Pandora Jewelry

When you read the slogan of Pandora Jewelry you can read that this brand represents exclusive and timeless . And for sure they are not wrong, Pandora Jewelry is one Scandinavian design and jewelry at its absolute best.

Pandora Jewelry is recognized for its elegant and classic style. The collection of Pandora has more than 600 charms and matching jewelry to choose from. The amazing and nice thing about Pandora Jewelry is that is also famous for its philanthropy through its sponsorship of two major organizations, The Susan G. Pandora Jewelry has donated more $50,000 to our charities around the world .

Pandora Jewelry has its own in-house design studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, where dedicated designers work every day to secure the consistent innovative integrity and originality in their products and for sure you can find the Danish quality in each of their objects.

The secret behind Pandora Jewelry, A is that is has created a new way to design and personalize charm bracelets. Pandora Jewelry was created with the a unique Danish line that allows you to customize your own bracelets and necklaces with sterling silver or 14 karat gold charms and fashionable sterling silver earrings, and rings that sparkle like platinum for any occasion.

The reason for the popularity of Pandora Jewelry is that it can change to fit your mood and express your personal character. Pandora jewelry has the perfect pieces that will create a unique jewelry collection that reflects your personal tastes and styles, and will last through generations. The Pandora Jewelry concept allows one to choose sterling silver oxidised silver and gold or a combination of gold & silver.

The name Pandora has been inspired by the legend of Pandora’s box, the Pandora Jewelry collection is dedicated to all women with hope and opportunity. All of our exquisite Pandora jewelry, no matter what shape, style, and type you choose, will make you the center of attention, and compliments wherever you go. No matter what your budget, Pandora charms and Pandora jewelry will have you looking terrific and leave some spending money in your pocket for a night out on the town in your Pandora jewelry.

Many Pandora Jewelry pieces are handcrafted with colorful precious stones and cultured pearls. Chosen by self-confident women who appreciate style and quality, Pandora Jewelry is recognized for its elegant and classic style.

Pandora jewelry begins with a bracelet starting at $35 or a necklace chain starting at $65. Pandora Jewelry has designed beads that consist of letters, animals, Murano glass (my favorite) decorative designs, semi-precious stones, dangle charms, diamonds, and more. Pandora Jewelry has invented a new jewelry system and has made jewelry collecting a new art. Reflect your elegant style by creating beautiful Pandora jewelry. Never immerse your Pandora jewelry in liquid jewelry cleaner. Everybody can be part of the Pandora Jewelry story.

Everybody can be part of giving Pandora Jewelry from the child buying a mother an inexpensive spacer for her birthday to the husband buying a gold anniversary present. So why not giving a Pandora experience to someone today?

How To Find The Reproduction Designer Handbag

In 2006 on your own, TOMS footwear gave in excess of ten,000 shoes to kids of Argentina. In 2009 TOMS gave more than one hundred,000 shoes to young children of Haiti. Given that Could of 2006, TOMS has given more than 650,000 pair of sneakers to requiring youngsters of much more than twenty countries.

The name, TOMS was derived for the desire to give proper foot overall health for the children of ‘TOMorrow’. There are several youngsters at risk of illness that develop up in barefoot environments. TOMS research has discovered that without footwear, children:

o Develop soil-transmitted ailments although operating, playing or strolling to college

o Can display a quantity of open up sores and cuts that come from walking throughout rocks and bare land

o Develop podo at a younger age. Podo is a bodily condition that will start in early childhood, supplying off a putrid odor that can harm the limbs of minor ones.

TOMS footwear is based upon an alpargata style of footwear. With many colours, materials and styles, each and every pair is a distinctive piece of artwork in alone. The alpargata shoe type presently marketed, has been worn by farmers of Argentina for above one particular hundred many years. These cotton or canvas shoes are built in a light-weight design, with a rubber sole. TOMS is also now offering vegan styles of their popular sneakers. Blake states, “We demand that factories function below audio labor situations, spend fair wages and adhere to regional labor requirements. A code of conduct is signed by all factories”.

TOMS footwear has obtained significantly recognition, in not only the globe of philanthropy, but also in the entire world of style. In Oct of 2007, the organization acquired the People’s Style Award, which was identified by on the internet voters. Blake Mycoskie has been questioned to communicate on CNBC, conferences at The White Residence, as effectively as becoming noted in Instances journal.

On April 8, 2010, TOMS and Blake Mycoskie hosted ‘One Working day Without Shoes’. TOMS challenged people worldwide to go a day with no footwear to far better increase recognition for youngsters who go without footwear each day. Over 250,000 individuals globally went barefoot in assistance of the 3rd Annual, ‘One Day With out Shoes’.

It is not a key that TOMS sneakers are not only a hip solution to each working day footwear, but also produce awareness for a noble cause. With at any time-rising acceptance, TOMS is producing a variation in the planet of ft and trend.

If you want to wear footwear from a brand name which operates with a cultural lead to in head, the Toms Sneakers should stand out as the favourite choose for you. These shoes supply you with all the glamour and fashion which you want as a customer. The aim of the Toms Sneakers manufacturer is quite special as it constantly would like to assist the needy young children in society. Every of the buys which occur in the firm rewards a youngster with a new pair of shoes. The historical past of the manufacturer can be traced again to the year 2006 when a traveller from the country of The united states achieved some impoverished kids in Argentina and noticed them without any shoes on their ft.

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