Significance Of Silicon Wristbands As Awareness Accessory

For today’s fashion conscious young generations, accessories are the vital part of making a fashion statement. Previous generations’ hot favorite junk jewelries are passe; this is the age of innovative accessories, and the focus is not on their prices as such but on their wearabilty.

The silicon wristbands meet all these criteria of the fashion sensibilities of the young generation. So it is no wonder to find the ubiquitous presence of silicon wristbands these days.

But it will be utterly wrong to judge this craze for silicon wristbands from the point of view of fashion only. The very origin of silicon wristbands involves the spirit of philanthropy-the world famous cyclist lance Armstrong pioneered the concept to build up a fund to support the ailing cancer patients. From its original identity of yellow rubber band, the wristbands have come a long way in the path of evolution and today they have become multicolored and customized.

But one thing has remained unchanged and that is the underlying spirit of supporting the humanitarian causes. So when the young people build up the stock of their silicon wristbands, they do not merely act out of their craze for the latest fashion trends. In most of the cases they are guided by the cause as well. It is their way of showing awareness and sense of belonging to the society. The proceeds from the sell of the wristbands are contributed to specific funds and it is the fashionable aspect of the wristbands that helps in boosting up their sell.

Take the example of pink breast cancer awareness bracelets that have become hugely popular among the young women across the continent. These wristbands on the one hand help build up consensus among the women for regular endometrial tests for quick detection, on the other hand they induce people to donate funds for enhancing further awareness. In addition to breast cancer, the silicon wristbands in multiple colors are meant to show support for different types of cancer.

Not only cancer, the wristbands are hugely used to promote awareness about other diseases as well. Major among them are HIV/AIDS and heart disease. A red awareness band is worn on the wrist to promote AIDS awareness. All these wristbands actually convey the message to the patients suffering from these deadly diseases that there are millions of people out there who extend to them mental support in their battle against the disease.

Silicon wristbands are fashionable, they are durable and hygienic too and so more and more people are turning to them as the fuss-free 24X7 accessory. But their real significance lies in their philanthropic approach. Even in this highly consumerist world, these simple bands have been able to prove an important point and that is: common people are always willing to do something for their fellow human beings in their small ways.

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